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Begone Back Pain! The Best Umbrella Strollers for Tall Parents

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What’s been killing your neck and back other than the tens of hours on your phone? If you’re a new parent who invested in some stroller, hear us out: it’s that darned stroller. The hundreds of strollers made available in the market and online that parents like you and me are getting, aren’t for you tall blokes and misses. It is for those with an average height.

As much as you want to take the baby out, you want to save it from harmful sun exposure. And we want to protect you from a bending spine. This combination results in us finding the best umbrella stroller for tall parents like you. We have checked these against handles, comfort, seating, weight capacity, and some other factors, as you’ll see. Let’s start!

Comparison Table

StrollerImageDimensions (in)Weight (lbs)Capacity (lbs)Price
Summer 3Dtote Convenience Stroller20.5x36x34.517.550Check Price
Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller32x30x44.53990Check Price
Kolcraft Cloud Double Umbrella Stroller31x31x38.52135Check Price
Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller40.5x10.2x4.51350Check Price
Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller40.51x10.2x8.5019.8450Check Price
Chicco Liteway Stroller34.5x18.5x4118.840Check Price
JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller32.5x20.5x4215.755Check Price

Product Reviews on the Best Umbrella Strollers for Tall Parents

Here are our top ten of the best umbrella strollers for tall parents like you:

Summer 3Dtote Convenience Stroller

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The 3DTote understands that you need to carry a lot of baggage with your kid. To hold all that stuff and make sure that you don’t have to carry separate luggage for all the essentials, this offers you the most significant storage in a stroller you could ask for. That’s why it is one of our best umbrella strollers. If you are going to the mall with the baby and your inner shopaholic goes crazy, you will have enough storage to hold it!

There is also a storage extension to the back, for when you need more baggage than usual. Other than storage, one of its great features is foldability. It folds into a compact form using auto-lock. It also has a carry strap so that you don’t have to travel with it.

Did we say it has one-hand reclining on it?

This is perfect when you are doing naptime strolls. And another great thing?

It has a 50-pound weight capacity!

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

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Here is the first double umbrella stroller of the list for the blessed parents that have twins. Carrying two babies as you stroll through the park never looked more fashionable and chic! The stroller has a beautiful lime green touch to it, making it better-looking and more unique than most strollers.

It has a lower weight capacity for the baby, standing at 35 pounds. You also get a beautiful canopy of a large European style that covers the baby well. It has a five-point harness that is padded enough to let your little one rest comfortably. What we really liked in the structure is the wheels.

The 360-degree wheelsets have the shock-absorbing ability that can save the baby from all the bumpy rides on rough terrain. So, no more ruining naptime for the bumpy road!

Kolcraft Cloud Double Umbrella Stroller


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A double stroller that weighs only 21 pounds, we aren’t kidding you at all! Think of it like this, you have two children to take care of and the weights to push off; will you need the additional weight of the stroller to push? There’s only so much a stroll to the park can ask for. For light travel, this is a great bet.

The stroller has a width of 31 inches. So, to push it through a door, you don’t have to shift sideways or twist and bend, quickly get in. Talk about convenience! It also has a great foldability and expandable canopies that make it worthwhile. The canopies in question come with a visor extension and can give your baby a better UV protection than most strollers. It also has a 3-point safety harness as opposed to the conventional 5-point one that we are used to seeing. Also unique to this is the roll-back seat type. These “climate seats” allow maximum airflow when it is warm out there. So, if you are going out to the park in the golden summer mornings, this will be a good one for you and the baby.

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

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What makes the best umbrella stroller for travel?

Is it storage or foldability or the baby’s comfort? Or is it all of the options as mentioned earlier and much more?

In this travel-friendly stroller, you have a lot of positives. You get a full 4-position recline that lets your baby do anything between sit and sleep. You also get a lightweight frame of only 13 pounds, that gives off the safe vibe from the 5-point safety harness of assurance. Add to this shock-absorbing front wheels and lockable rear wheels. Do we really have any benefit left that this doesn’t provide? Can’t think of any!

A lightweight stroller with a great storage system and can be folded into a compact one is your deal.

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

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Well-priced, value-adding, and thoughtful are three terms we would use to identify this stroller. But is it all good without setbacks?

Not really.

If you’re a fan of big storage, you will love what comes on the bottom of it, plenty of storage space. Also, the accessories pouch is safe for keeping your keys, small purse, and coffee (in the holder, obviously not inside the pouch). The best thing about it is the fully reclining umbrella stroller seating option. It allows your sweet little baby to take a nap when it is tired of all the strolling and sight-seeing. It also comes with a detachable sun visor, so before your next trip to the park, you can clean it and dust it as you want.

However, the chief setback remains that it can’t be folded as good as the other ones. So if you are thinking of traveling with it, you can smoothly go from A to B, given that it is a short distance, and you’re not going to take your car there to bring the stroller back in. For a quick run around the corner with the baby and an errand to the local store, this is good enough.

Chicco Liteway Stroller

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This one from Chicco weighs 17 pounds, a little more than what we are used to seeing so far. But did you know that for some, a sturdy stroller is the translation of heavy strollers? You would think that with technology advancing so fast and the thinnest of the thin phones and TVs available, a lightweight stroller is as good as, if not better, heavier ones. But that does not also cancel out that a little heavy one like this is not well-built. The aluminum construction vouches for that.

We know actually how important it is for babies to sleep. That is literally what we suppose them to do, and that is also what they do throughout the day, not having to think about taxes and expenses. So we want a backrest recline for the babies. This one offers you good rest time. It also has a peek-a-boo window for when the baby is wide awake; it may not want to face the whole sun directly on its face during the stroll. Positives, right?

You also can adjust the canopy and remove it if you feel like it. Most of the fabrics here are removable. Only don’t use bleach to clean, just damp cloth, and you will be fine and the baby, in a hygienic place.

JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller

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Here’s one from JOOVY that possibly has the highest weight capacity of all in the list today. Good news for moms and dads of big babies that enjoy strolling and also happen to be tall, these can carry from infants to 55 pounds of kids. For the best umbrella stroller with a high weight limit, you have it.

It offers a near-flat recline since they said you could put in infants/newborns in it. The frame is made of aluminum and is really lightweight, a little less than 16 pounds. You also get shoulder carry straps with it that allows you to take it anywhere you go!

The Traveler Zoe XLC Umbrella Stroller System

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Is being lightweight the best criteria for you in a stroller?

But do you think that something like an 11-pound umbrella stroller won’t last you a year?

Then think again. This particular one from Traveler is built to last. Approved by Disney and air-plane friendly, this can be the stroller of your dreams (or your baby’s) the next time you are traveling.

It comes with a really tall handle perfect for all the tall parents reading this article. Isn’t that just what you need? No stooping, only enjoying the time strolling. A unique thing about this stroller is the oversized wheelset. These are made to tackle anything between smooth city roads and rough terrain, so if you are going camping, time to take this with you for the baby!

UPPAbaby G-LUXE Umbrella Stroller

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This one is a cult favorite when it comes to tall parents seeking strollers that fit them. The things that made us like it and included it in the list is the brake above anything. It has what they called a one-action brake, with which you can easily maneuver your baby’s ride. Add to this the lightweight yet robust frame built out of aluminum.

It is also very cleaning-friendly.

You can remove most of the parts of the fabric and seat pad to scrape off the dirt. It offers spacious storage and a beautiful canopy, which is very likable too.

The Twin+ Zoe XL2 Umbrella Stroller

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Toys, diapers, snacks, cup holders, books—- you can hold plenty when it comes to the Zoe XL2. The last one on the list had to be a good one (as if all the rest aren’t good enough, but you get us). Designed for twins, this double-stroller is a Disney-approved one that has a combined weight capacity of a hundred pounds. It can be made into a triple or a quad with the help of the expandable tandem. So you don’t; need to think of buying more strollers.

It offers a vast canopy and convenient folding. So why is it useful? For all the reasons above and the beautiful, tall handle of your dreams!

What’s the Difference between These and Regular Umbrella Strollers?

Of course, there’s a difference between these and regular ones, why would we recommend them if there’s not any. What makes any umbrella stroller the best umbrella stroller for tall parents like you is the handle adjustability and height. When the handle is situated in a lower position, you have to stop and bend a little to access it. And when you are continually doing it when driving the baby, this hurts. You’re no longer having fun in the park while the baby is giggling and shifting.

To let the going out to park episode become more fun and enjoyable, these heightened handles in the made to cut strollers are just what you need.

When Are These Safe to Use?

So, you have seen people getting sure of product dimensions when making a purchase. What size of product they should buy and what sizes of accessories will go with it and whatnot. But here, you need to have the dimensions of something more important than the stroller: the dimensions of your baby! If your baby is a toddler or just an infant, the type of stroller will differ from age to age. Manufacturers have indications as to what age of the baby is best suited for their strollers.

Now, we recommend that you check the baby’s age with the stroller in question for optimal comfort.

Buying Guide of the Best Umbrella Strollers for Parents

In order to make sure that any umbrella stroller you are buying for yourself and the baby turns out as the best umbrella stroller for tall parents in general, follow this guide:


The height of the handle should be very important for you. Every umbrella stroller on the list today is here because of the handle’s height and much more, obviously. If you want to do your own research and have your own pick of strollers, go for one that has a minimum handle height of 40 inches, at least.

Seating and Recline

The seating position of the stroller will be an essential consideration for your baby. Depending on what age the baby is, there will be different seating positions offered in each of the strollers. If you want to use the stroller for a really long time, you should get one that has different seatings. But if your baby is grown up and big, only one or two types of accommodation will be enough.

Accessories Pouch

Cup holder, bottle holder, and some other things are available on some strollers. In some strollers, the storage accessories come in the basket adjacent or beside, and in some, the storage basket comes underneath. Rear accessories pouch isn’t also so hard to find. Depending on how important it is for you to find an accessories pouch, and what you will carry when taking the baby for a stroll, get your stroller.


Usually, umbrella strollers are made more lightweight than regular strollers. However, if you want something heavy, you can get it. If heavy means sturdy to you. But the fact that these are lightweight doesn’t mean that they are not durable. They are, in fact, easier to carry along and fold. Hence, you should go for something light in weight that works for you.


Since these are lightweight, these are easily foldable. But that may not be the case with many strollers if you are not cautious enough to check up on the foldability when you are making a purchase. You should get one that is easily foldable into a compact form. This will allow you to carry it in your trunk, and you can easily place it on the back of your car.


You might have heard about all the hype coming from every place ever about wearing SPF. Possibly, you will be wearing that too when you are out with the baby, taking in the summer sun. As much as the sun is good for you, too much of it may be harmful to the baby. Hence a stroller with the right side of the canopy, and if possible, big enough to cover most of the baby while allowing room for ventilation is a good find.


The storage basket is similar to an accessories pouch. But some strollers may have different ones. Get what suits you best of the two!


Make sure that the materials of the stroller that it is made of are cushioned and comfortable. If the material is not cushioned enough, the baby will not feel comfortable when you are placing it in the stroller. Also, making sure that the fabric or material can be washed in case something happens is also what you need to check for.

Also, it needs to be durable as a long term investment, or you will need to look for another stroller when the baby grows.

Dimension and Capacity

Your child may be spending a good amount of time in the stroller. This is why you need to make sure that the stroller’s dimensions are more significant than your baby, even when you expect it to grow. But it shouldn’t be as big as to engulf the baby. Some strollers come in fixed dimensions, while others can be adjusted. Also, dimensions are different once the stroller is open or natural, and once it is folded. Pay attention to both.


And while you’re at it, check if your child falls under the weight category listed for that stroller’s dimension. Check for its wear and tear duration from reviews and hearsay. You will get possibilities where you can upgrade the stroller from bassinets to equipped strollers with car seat compatibility, spacious models, and convertible stroller designs.


Benefits to Buy

An umbrella stroller for tall parents isn’t just the advantage of height adjustability. There are many other benefits to it too. Such as:

  1. Being more lightweight than regular strollers, they are easily portable. You can take them out and put them in the car pretty easily. Also, you don’t need to push and bear the stroller’s weight beside the weight of the baby. This makes them more carriable and better suited for airports.
  2. They are more compact in form and hence, easier to store in closets and trunks.
  3. You can maneuver them better than regular strollers. So when you are out shopping or making twists and trunks in the alley, it serves a good lot.
  4. It offers the most superior sun shading than all other kinds of strollers.
  5. Both the baby and you can enjoy it to the max!


What are some recommendations for the best umbrella strollers?

All the ones on our list, mainly Summer Infant, would be excellent for umbrella strollers. And if you want us to give you the best one with a superior stroller handle extender for tall parents, other than the ones mentioned here, we would suggest Bob Revolution for a change.

Which umbrella stroller is best for me?

It doesn’t require you to stoop and operate it, and one that is comfortable for the baby. Both should be the same.

When can I start using an umbrella stroller for my baby?

At a minimum age of 4-6 months. You will find the manufacturer of your stroller writing down the best age to use that particular stroller for. Make sure your baby has reached or is over it if you are buying the stroller. No under-age babies allowed!

What is the maximum weight for an umbrella stroller?

35-55 pounds would be the limit, according to manufacturers.

Can you bring an umbrella stroller with you when you are traveling on a plane?

Yes. You can take it to the cabin if there is enough space to put it, whether overhead or underneath the seat.

Is it possible to hook 2 umbrella strollers together?

Yes, if at least one of them comes with a stroller connector as a link.

Final Words

So, you should have found what would be the best umbrella stroller for tall parents like you by now.

If the ones mentioned in the list have, in some way, failed to meet your criteria, you can always take the help of our buying guide and see what matches. The top priority will still go to you and the baby’s comfort.

As long as you are ensuring that, we do not mind if you buy from these recommendations or find your own. Begone back pain!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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